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Gillian OBrien Does Your Horse Need a Massage? Why and When a Massage May Be Helpful Silke Rembacz Developing the Dressage Horse from Young Horse through Grand Prix: Expectations and the Progression for Third Level and Above Dutch Warmbloods Mountain Horses Andalusians Lippitt Morgan Brandi Lyons Slow Down! : Three Exercises to Help YouOBrien was the seventh and youngest son of Dan OBrien in Churchtown, Co Cork. Vincent was the eldest. Phonsie rode many winners in the 1940s and took out a trainers licence in 1956. gillian o'brien horses

No man has dominated horse racing to the extent of the Irish trainer Vincent O'Brien, a hero in his own country and one of the few people in sport who could accurately be described as a legend.

Vincent O'Brien. He trained six horses to win the Epsom Derby, was twice British champion trainer, won three Grand Nationals in succession and trained the only British Triple Crown winner since the Second World War. Aidan O'Brien (no relation) took over the Ballydoyle stables after his retirement. With a love for horses and over 10 years of experience in the equine world, Gillian O'Brien is the proud owner and therapist of Goliath Equine Massage. At the age of 20, she decided that she was going to help equines feel their best using massage therapy. Gillian went through one of the most renowned equine massage therapy programs in the country.gillian o'brien horses Apr 18, 2019  by Gillian OBrien. Gillian OBrien is a senior lecturer in History at Liverpool John Moores University and the author of Blood Runs Green: The Murder that Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago (Chicago, 2015). Follow her on Twitter @ gillianmobrien or her personal blog:

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Name: Gillian O'Brien Training: At the age of 20, Gillian attended Bancroft School of Massage Doggone U school of equine massage therapy. A program with over 200 hours of both lecture and hands on training! Practice Philosophy: I believe that every horse should feel their best and preform to the best of their ability. Massage therapy is a gillian o'brien horses Gillian O'Brien explains the benefits of equine muscle release therapy. Gillian O'Brien explains the benefits of equine muscle release therapy. Sign in to your account. Helping horses with sore muscles. By Irish Field Contributor on 18 September 2015. Full Screen. Gillian O'Brien practices equine release muscle therapy the Bowen Technique