Frontal plane of human body

2020-02-25 18:54

Oct 14, 2015  To picture the three planes, imagine slicing through the body, like so: First through the center, dividing the body from the left to the right to make up the sagittal plane; Next through the body from the left side to the right, separating the front and back halves to create the frontal plane (frontMay 25, 2013 The Coronal Plane. This is a plane that separates the body into anterior and posterior parts. In essence, this plane intersects the median plane at a 90degree angle and, therefore, splits the body into front and back halves. This type of division is why the coronal plane is sometimes referred to as the 'frontal plane. frontal plane of human body

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frontal plane. any of the vertical planes passing through the body from the head to the feet, perpendicular to the sagittal planes; the plane parallel to the long axis of the body and at right angles to the median sagittal plane, dividing the body into front and back portions. Also called coronal plane. The coronal plane (frontal plane) slices the body into two halves, namely the front side and backside. The motion in the frontal plane occurs sideways. The sidetoside movement is the hallmark of frontal plane motion. The motions that come under this anatomical planefrontal plane of human body Frontal plane is perpendicular to the ground and divides the body into the front or anterior and back or posterior part. Axis of the frontal plane is the sagittal axis. One of the examples of movement on the frontal plane could be shoulder abduction and addiction.

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