Best color to paint a horse trailer

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Color Selection Chart 45th Anniversary Paint Colors January 1st not only marked the start of the 2019 year but for Felling Trailers, Inc. it marks 45years in the business of manufacturing trailers.Your best bet would probably be a good urethane or epoxy primer, followed by urethane or epoxy paint and a clear coat, applied with an air sprayer. If you own an air compressor and paint gun, have an indoor area to complete the project, and the knowledge to do it (or know someone who does) you can probably do the entire trailer for 300. best color to paint a horse trailer

Jun 25, 2009 Answers. You can get plenty of fine sand paper pads with them. I would not get the flint or garnet. Get the longer lasting synthetic types. I used about a 220 or so with the tractor paint since is is so thick that the minor scrathes that the 220 leaves will be filled in (after all it is a horse trailer not a car).

Jul 02, 2015 Rustoleum Paint Job on Horse trailer final. 50 paint job Best Crazy Boat Launch Ramp Fails Duration: I Painted My Horse Trailer With Rustoleum Paint Duration: I bought my first horse trailer last week. It is an '88 Cotner. 2 horse, bumper pull, straight load, no tack room but it is extra tall and extra wide. It is in great working order, passed inspection with flying colors, but speaking of colors, could use a paint job. Currently, it is tealturquoise with a white color to paint a horse trailer Aug 29, 2009 I have a race car trailer with the. 050 aluminum skin that has the traditional baked on white paint. It has been over a year since I hit it with a coat of Cleaner Wax, and now it's fairly oxidized. It's not completely dead sheen wise, but it's close! The other night after washing it, I used some of the Cleaner Wax by hand and it brought the finish up a little, but there were swirls and a

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Best color to paint a horse trailer free

Apr 19, 2007  If you paint it the same colour as your gagrage door (you prolly have some paint left over) that would blend. Failing that paint the garage door with the paint left over from the trailer. A colour for antagonism may be 'international orange you know the dayglo, find you in best color to paint a horse trailer If you're maintaining your horse trailer for the sake of appearance rather than for health reasons, you may only need to buff out the existing paint with cleaning wax. If you do paint, be aware that the color of your primer may affect the final appearance of the trailer. The best choice is a gray primer. Warning. Feb 28, 2014 You are painting a horse trailerprobably made of steel if you are spray painting it? Why would you use paint not intended for vehicles like cars, truck or trailersautomobile paint. Today many auto parts stores can mix auto paint, or a body supply store, even the car dealerships have paint in their color line available Dec 11, 2012 Real simple go to tractor supply or another hardware and get some red oxide primer and a couple gallons of tractor and implement enamel paint 2 coats primer 3 coats paint. If you sandblastwire wheel the trailer it will hold up the best for the money. We paint a lot of trailers and equipment at work Jun 28, 2009 I know I never EVER want to paint another horse trailer again. You know I bet you do paint firstotherwise if you pulled the stripping off it would be bare metalright? I walk to the beat of a different drummer, and that drummer is within me.