Live at the apollo human ventriloquist

2020-02-19 02:02

Aug 15, 2016  English actress and ventriloquist Nina Conti entertains the audience during a taping of the BBCs Live at the Apollo TV show with her comedy routine involving live puppets.May 04, 2016  \\Nina Conti performs her hilarious human puppet ventriloquism act during Live at the Apollo. Watch our Cassetteboystyle mashup of your favourite comedians: . A dinner lady is chosen from the audience, she is so live at the apollo human ventriloquist

Nina Conti is best known for her human puppet routine. Nina has raised the bar when it comes to ventriloquism and instead of using a dummy, using a real life human to stand in as a puppet. After strapping a mask on a willing participant, Nina controls the mouth with a string, allowing her to mimic a ventriloquist dummy.

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