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Nov 20, 2009 Agree with Tennessee I have tried cribox spray on rugs but did no good. Now I put a cheap lightweight over the top and let them rip that instead. There is some stuff called 'NoBite' which is a cream that they put in mares tails to stop foals chewing them, that is quite good but very messy and not sure if it would work on rugsEven though horses are grass eaters, they still have considerable strength in their jaws, and their teeth are surprisingly sharp. A horse that bites isn't just annoying; it can be dangerous. Biting may also be a sign of an underlying health problem in your horse or an indication that it has been socialized to be a little too familiar with humans. stop horse biting rugs

May 31, 2007 How to Teach Your Horse to Stop Biting. Nipping and biting are bad habits, and if left alone, can develop into a more serious behavioral problem. Biting can be a sign of irritation, lack of proper respect for you, or a sign of a more

Buy Rug Bib (Anti Rug Bandage Chewing) from The Saddlery Shop, In Stock with Fast& Free Delivery Over 75. Free Expert Advice on 0344 880 6900. Jan 24, 2011 Coating a rug to stop other horses biting? Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by TPTonka, Oct 28, can i coat or spray the rug with something that tastes bad to encourage the horses to stop biting him? I put a mesh rug on him each day which certainly helps as the rug gets holes and scratches not him all the time.stop horse biting rugs Nov 02, 2010  Finally a corrective tool to STOP horses from biting and nippy behaviors. Check out how a cinchy mare is quickly and humanely corrected from a habit of biting

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Helping Horses That Bite by Wendy Hilton A word of warning, if you don't think you can handle this problem with your horse, please seek out professional help. But biting is one of the most dangerous habits to humans that a horse can develop. stop horse biting rugs Aug 07, 2008 That was 30 years ago. Since then, I've used the technique on other horses and I've given the advice to other people and the technique has stopped every single horse from biting. Now when I talk about a biter, I'm not talking about a horse that is viciously trying to attack you! Nov 30, 2005 The longer we're involved with horses, the more often we realize that our horse's natural, herd behavior doesn't work when he's living among people. Biting is a good example of that. It's natural for horses to use their mouths for lots of things, from exploring their world and looking for attention Jun 04, 2006 Vinegar in a spray bottle works pretty well, but it doesn't last very long. There is also something called Bitter Apple spray that is supposed to be a chewing deterrent. My puppy seemed to like it though. : But I would be concerned about spraying anything on your rugs, for fear they would stain or the colors would run. Dec 10, 2007 Products to stop other horses biting horses rug! Intelligent Horsemanship. General Horse Talk Anyone tried any products on your horses rugs to stop other horses ruining them! many thaks. Roz Naf anti Rug bite stuff works I used to be stabled with a horse that ate my horses rugs if it wasnt sprayed I used to get so angry! ! ! ! ! and Flynn