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Jan 11, 2014  Sonia Klein is an Australian model from the 1980s. She has green eyes and blonde hair. She was with Ursulas modelling agency in Sydney, Storm in London and Name in New York. She mostly worked in Australia and the USA but appeared in a few European magazines too. She has appeared inApr 06, 2015  Jones is married to Australianborn Sonia Klein, a former model who runs a chain of yoga studios in New York, and they have four children together. Jones is pictured with his wife, model sonia klein jones model

Nov 13, 2014  Learn more about Sonia Jones, founder of Sonima. com, and how she discovered all the benefits of yoga. Sonia Jones is a wellness advocate, impact philanthropist, and cofounder of

Sonia Jones is a wellness advocate, impact philanthropist, and cofounder of Sonima Welllness and the Sonima Foundation. Her passion is achieving meaningful change in global communities by sharing best practices in health and wellness. The Sonima Foundation has contributed to the development and Mar 06, 2012  YouTube Bethany McClean has a fascinating piece in April's issue of Vanity Fair about Paul Tudor Jones' yoga loving wife Sonia. . The billionaire hedgesonia klein jones model Im not stuck in some model that says, You cant do that, thats against the rules. But for Sonia Jones, changing it up is akin to heresy. After all, it worked for her exactly as

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Jul 13, 2012  Sonia Jones, former model and wife of financier Paul Tudor Jones, in front of the new studio in Greenwich that she recently opened, in conjunction with Salima Ruffin and the family members of Sri Krishna Patthabi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga yoga method. Photo: Contributed Photo sonia klein jones model When it comes to ease in front of the camera, KinskiJones comes by it honestly: Her mother, Nastassja Kinski, is an actress and model who is perhaps most famous for the Vogue shoot in which