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It does not change red based body colors at all. because it only changes parts of the horse that would normally be black. So, a bay's black legs become dark brown, and the mane and tail may be any shade that would normally be seen on a Chocolate horse flaxen, silver, even pure white! Above: Example of an extremely light red chocolate color.silver, silver dapple, chocolate flax and Taffy are all caused by the same gene. Silver, or silver dapple is the common term used for horses with a dilution gene that works to dilute black pigment. The gene usually causes a partial lightening of black pigment in the body coat and a more extreme lightening (or silvering) of the mane and tail. black horse silver mane

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The silver or silver dapple (Z) gene is a dilution gene that affects the black base coat color. It will typically dilute a black mane and tail to flaxen, and a black body to a shade of brown or chocolate. It is responsible for a group of coat colors in horses called silver dapple in the west, or taffy in Australia. The mane and tail are lightened to flaxen or silver gray, and may darken on some horses as they age. A solid black horse with this gene will be chocolate colored with a lightened mane and tail. A bay horse will have the black pigment on the lower legs, mane and tail horse silver mane Feb 28, 2008 Real black horses can experience fading from sun and weather exposure which causes their mane and tail to blonde out a little. But true black horses have only black hair other than white markings. Chances are the horse you are talking about is a black horse with a silver dilution gene which makes their mane flaxen and their body a deep dark brown.

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Find best value and selection for your search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. black horse silver mane Aug 27, 2013  Silver in horses affects areas that would otherwise be black, changing the color from black to gray or brown. It has its greatest effect on a horses mane and tail. In horses that are heavily affected the mane and tail can be almost completely white or silver. If the horse also has feathers (the hairs on the horse's pastern), the feathers will be affected to the same extent