Horse meat jokes

2019-09-15 07:00

Since it was revealed last week that a sample of Tesco Everyday Value Beefburgers contained 29 per cent horse meat, the internet has been buzzing with equine jokes at the supermarkets expense.Ive found it tough lately working on the Tesco meat counter. I feel like Im flogging a dead horse. horse meat jokes

What are some good horse meat jokes, everyone likes a good joke and horsing around especially now with the latest talk of horse meat being used in our foods. What can you recommend on the menu The waiter pauses for a moment and then replies, hey have you tried our lasagne that's very popular.

The latest Tweets from Horse Meat Jokes (@HorseMeatJoker). Horse Meat Jokes# horsemeat# horsemeatjokes Jan 16, 2013  Horsemeat burgers: the best and worst jokes I got fired from the meat factory because I got an email about a delivery of horse meat and I marked ithorse meat jokes

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