Indiana jones love you eyelids

2020-02-17 10:38

In the movie Indiana Jones one of his female Students has somehting written on her eyelids while in his class what did it say? It said, LOVE on one eyelid and YOU on the other.Jackie Gleason harasses Indiana Jones in When You Wish Upon a Weinstein , telling Jones to hurry up and take a golden idol. Chris Griffin has HATE YOU written on his eyelids in Hannah Banana just as a girl in Professor Jones's class has LOVE YOU written on her eyelids. indiana jones love you eyelids

TheRaider. net Films Raiders of the Lost Ark Goofs: the girl with love you on her eyelids is sitting in the front row. When the class dismisses the boy comes from the back of the classroom and gives Indy the apple. Indiana manages to cling to a submarine which is diving for a trip of several hundred miles. One of the last shots of the

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