Desensitizing young horses

2020-02-25 15:09

Desensitizing your horse to spooky objects may just be one of the most valuable things you can do! When youre out riding and something jumps out of the bushes, or a loud motorcycle goes by if youre on a horse that has been properly desensitized it can really save you!The more contact you can make with your young horses the better. Get them used to everything. We use flags a lot for lunging and desensitizing. It gives them something to look at. The most important thing when you're desensitizing a young horse is to be that comfort for them. Horses are herd animals. They look for somebody to follow. desensitizing young horses

Mar 15, 2017 Desensitizing will not teach your horse to be relaxed during feeding time, or when walking out to the pasture, or even when preparing for a barrel racing run. Desensitizing will only get you as far as teaching your horse not to be scared of plastic bags or loud noises.

Suppression or Negative Overshadowing Correction Based desensitizing This isn't technically a form of desensitizing, but it's very common for people to correct a horse for behaving in a fearful way and then turn around and say the horse is no longer afraid . How can the answer be improved?desensitizing young horses Jan 14, 2010 This clip is an excellent example of the correct use of pressure and release. When introducing touch to a young horse in preparation for grooming, blanketing, saddling, or just plain handling it

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