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2020-02-17 10:06

P2187 OBDII Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code Description P2187 engine trouble code is about ShiftTiming Solenoid Malfunction 32 Shift Solenoid Circuit Electrical. Reason For P2187 Code The reason of P2187 OBDII Engine Trouble Code is Fuel RailSystem Pressure Too High.mercedes benz p2187 check engine light codes need help asap please 06 c230 sport every cylinder misfire vin decode to get engine number help still throwing p2006 after replacing maf obd code p system too lean. Ask an expert; Add address to our search engine. Add forum address mercedes benz code p2187

Feb 12, 2014  Hello, new here and came looking for a fix. Wife has an '07 SLK 280 and it's throwing a Code P2187 System too lean at idle Bank 1. From what I've read (on the internet) is that in almost every case that you see this code, there's an air leak in the intake

P2187 MercedesBenz Description In order to provide the best possible combination of drivability, fuel economy and emission control, the PCM uses a closed loop airfuel metering system. The PCM monitors the HO2S signal voltage and adjusts fuel delivery based it in closed loop fuel control. Apr 16, 2014 MercedesBenz Forum MercedesBenz Sedan Forums W203 CClass OBD Code P System too lean Reply. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 even after clearing them. So i went ahead and bought a new MAF over the weekend and it jsut arrived todaythe codes P2187& P2189 are no longer presentso if you arent able to clean it then you might have tomercedes benz code p2187 Jun 09, 2014 p2187 mercedes. this was pulled by a regular OBD II. Related Information. Related questions 1 answer. 1. 2k views. obd codes for 2006 Mercedes Benz r350 p2187 and p2189, are up stream or down stream flows. asked Apr 22, 2014 by anonymous. p2187; and; p2189; 0 answers. 282 views. what does code p0171 p2187 p0174 p2189 mean on a 2010 Kia

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Mar 08, 2012 I did a forum search and a internet search for codes p2187 and p2189. Not to much info on these. The obdII scaner shows that it is mixture lean on left PeachParts MercedesBenz Forum codes P2187, P2189 more info? ? ? mercedes benz code p2187 May 23, 2012 what is the P2187& P2189 code for a Mercedes R350 2006. Customer Question. i have a 2006 Mercedes r350 i have code p2187 and p2189 tuned up replaed plugs checked all the vaccuum lines and they all look good cleared the codes, Qualified Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Technician 20 years experience Workshop Foreman for Mercedes. MercedesBenz Rclass P2187 OBDII Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code Information Page. Reason for MercedesBenz Rclass P2187 and find the solution for the code MercedesBenz Rclass P2187, we'll give to how to fix MercedesBenz Rclass P2187 trouble code problem.