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MercedesBenz Prepaid Maintenance allows you to lock in the costs of required maintenance services. Depending on your dealer and model, you can enjoy up to a 30 savings. Plus, if you require service on the road, your plan will be honored at any authorized MercedesBenz dealer (U. S. and Puerto Rico).MercedesBenz Star Service PrePaid Maintenance Program Sensible Planning for the Road Ahead. MercedesBenz gives you every tool at our disposal to ensure your vehicle performs the way it did when you first hit the road. Whether you drive a new, Certified PreOwned or PreOwned vehicle, Prepaid Maintenance lets you lock in tomorrow's service mercedes prepaid maintenance transferable

MercedesBenz Prepaid Maintenance. Sprinter and Metris: Model Years 2015 and newer. 2015 MercedesBenz Canada Inc. All terms, conditions and pricing contained in this flyer are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. MercedesBenz reserves the right to make any changes at any time, without notice.

If you transfer or sell your vehicle to a private party purchaser, the remaining benefits under the MercedesBenz Certified PreOwned Extended Limited Warranty can be transferred to the new owner except those benefits listed under cancellation policies, as applicable in the state in which your are a resident (please refer to your contract). Plus, with a MercedesBenz Star Service Prepaid Maintenance plan, the plan follows you, so if you require service when you're on the road, or if you relocate, your plan will be honored at any authorized MercedesBenz dealership. Most importantly, MercedesBenz Star Service Prepaid Maintenance is designed to keep your MercedesBenz running like new.mercedes prepaid maintenance transferable Prepaid Maintenance Select is available for most 2010 and newer MercedesBenz models. Vehicles are eligible for Prepaid Maintenance Select anytime after the first scheduled maintenance service or when mileage exceeds 25, 000 km for most Gasolinepowered models (18, 000 km for Diesel, AMG and V12 models), whichever occurs first. [2

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MercedesBenz Star Service Prepaid Maintenance (PPM) Prepaying for service at an authorized MercedesBenz dealership covers required service for your vehicle at 10, 000mile intervals. The MercedesBenz PPM Plan guarantees expert MercedesBenz service while protecting you against potential parts and service cost increases in the future. mercedes prepaid maintenance transferable Aug 12, 2014 Mercedes Prepaid Maintenance plans worth it? I was wondering if any mercedes benz owners have also purchased their prepaid maintenance plans when they make their new car purchase. is it worth it and does it actually save you money? Jun 02, 2015 Do not overbuy prepaid service if you are low mileage guy, you have to use your service plan annually based on time (up to 14 months next service if I recall correctly) if traded or sold early, your unused prepaid maintenance is not transferable and not refundable. Keep the beat! Jun 18, 2012  Best Answer: You understand this is ONLY a maintenance plan and not an extended warranty? This is the Benz answer to BMW's included maintenance when purchasing a new vehicle. The description from MB is MercedesBenz Star Service Prepaid Maintenance allows you to lock in the costs of the required services before your first service visit or 10, 000 miles so you can avoid Nov 06, 2018 The value of the prepaid service may depend what your dealer's normal charge for the A and B services are, and how many of each fall due during the contract period. Assuming 3 annual services, if they're going to be 2 B's and an A, you might break even, or save a few dollars. The# 1 MercedesBenz SLK Forum from Florida! First please