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Feb 20, 2015  The inverse has been suggested for gay women: while women typically have a ring finger and index finger of the same length, those who identify asOct 13, 2016 Take a peek at your pointer and ring fingers. Which one is longer? According to a new study, if your pointer (aka your index) finger is longer than your ring finger, you're likely to be less ring finger middle finger length

Dec 18, 2012 My middle fingers are both size 6, my left ring finger is a 4. 5 but my right ring finger is a 5. So on my right hand the middle finger is 1 size bigger but on the left hand it's 1. 5 sizes bigger. distracts, Dec 12, 2012

Men whose index fingers were the same length or longer than their ring fingers were 33 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer during the study than men whose index fingers The ring finger stands for lover and family ties. If the ring finger leans to the middle finger, it indicates that the person is very responsible to the family and pays a lot to the family; it the ring finger leans to the little finger, it suggests that the person pays a lot to the children.ring finger middle finger length Health& Disease. If your index finger is longer than ring finger, you will be prone to breast cancer, allergy, eczema and asthma; men will be more likely to have a heart disease before the age of 50. Men with longer index finger tend to have a heart disease between 35 and 80 while men with longer ring finger between 58 and 80.

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Dec 03, 2010  While a long index finger is considered a more feminine hand men who have them are more likely to be homosexual a short index finger relative to the ring finger is a more masculine hand. ring finger middle finger length Sep 09, 2011 Linked to aggression, musical ability, and sexual orientation, ring finger length is dictated by hormones in the womb, a new study says. Apr 17, 2015 This one is me! People who have a ring finger longer than the index finger tend to be charming and irresistible to some at least. A's are the ones who can talk themselves out of just about any situation. Additionally, they're aggressive and excellent problem solvers. Jul 06, 2011  The ratio of the length of a mans index finger to that of his ring finger may seem like a strange thing to measure, but new research suggests that its linked with penis size. The lower the ratio, the longer the penis. The new study was conducted on 144 Korean men who were hospitalized for As it turns out, the length of your ring finger indicates the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. The longer or shorter it is, the more telling.