Horse equipment terminology

2020-02-19 02:20

Get The term used to refer to a stallion's offspring. Hand A method of measuring the height of a horse, with one hand equaling fourinches. Harness Equipment that is used to attach a plow or carriage to a horse. Hindquarters A horses buttocks, upper rear legs, dock of tail, hips, and croup.Basic Horse Terminology. CONFORMATION The shape of a horse's body. A horse with good conformation is stronger and more likely to stay sound than one with weak conformation. HAND Measures how tall a horse is (one hand four inches). LAME A lame horse has an injury that interferes with his performance andor health. SOUND A horse equipment terminology

Oct 29, 2009 Glossary Of Horse Terminology Horse Terms& Definitions. In the discipline of dressage, the English horseandrider pair execute gymnastic movements that highlight the horse's balance, suppleness, cadence, and obedience. Dressage principles, which trace to the earliest days of riding, are used in virtually every form of riding.

Horse Terms Relating to Equipment Used for Equines. Tack or gear Refers to saddles, pads, bridles and such. Rig A saddle. Bridle The head piece used to control the horse while riding; a head stall, bit and reins. Rein The leather line from the rider's hands and the horse's mouth; used to guide the horse. Horse Terminology That Starts With E. The horse world has its own language. Many of the words come from other languages and have a long tradition. Often these words come from Latin or French roots. Or, they have developed as a sort of shorthand used to describe something horse related. Here are definitions of words you may hear when talking about horses that start with equipment terminology

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