Backslashes middle finger

2020-02-22 12:50

A Middle Finger made out of backslashes and stuff Send a text of flipping the middle finger Adele Flashes Her Middle Finger at the Brit Awards: Most Obscene. THE BIRD, THE FINGER, THE LEGEND.middle finger with letters and symbols middle finger myspace symbol? Do3s anyon3 know wh3r3 ii can g3t a miiddl3 fiing3r myspac3 symbol? ? . A Middle Finger made out of backslashes and stuff will measure your knowledge of which fingers to reach for numbers, symbols and letters. . the left middle finger with the left shift key Best Answer: hahaha. backslashes middle finger

A Middle Finger made out of backslashes and stuff How do you make the middle finger on the computer? . CDDVDblue ray burner tablet touch screen. How do you make a text message middle finger? Middle Finger Emoticons Get a finger emoticon for MSN and more! Hi im trying 2 find a middle finger text 2 fit on my facebook. How do you make the smiley with text with the middle finger? How can I make a middle

Jul 08, 2008 You know how on myspace or facebook. . anywhere you can type really. . people make images out of symbols using periods, commas, backslashes, underscores and then the end result is say something that resembles a flower or a heart, a peace sign that? Well I actually need something of a middle finger if anyone knows a website or if anyone can do it could you copy and paste it? ASCII Middle Fingerbackslashes middle finger Jan 02, 2009 how do u make a picture using the keyboard characters like \m\m but with the middle finger

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