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Home Horse Gram (Dolichos Biflorus) 30 seeds. All categories. Also it makes good green manure. It is in flower from July to September, and the seeds ripen from August to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects. It can fix Nitrogen. Leaf Flower color Green PaleHorse gram is a potential crop for future and is a source of mining genes for abiotic stress tolerance, heavy metal stress, high protein content, nitrogen fixation ability, antioxidant and resistance to diseases. It is also used for a number of medicinal and therapeutic applications in Ayurvedic medicine such as curing piles, renal stones etc. horse gram green manure

Feb 25, 2015  Lets take a look at horse gram, the miracle pulse, and how it can benefit our health. Plus, theres a recipe in here too! You may be familiar with red, black and green grams, but even the most passionate foodies sometimes miss horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum). This

Green manure Crops cannot be accommodated in these multiple cropping rotation systems, the opportunity cost of green manure in wheat rotation has been assessed to be equivalent to 40 to 50 quintals per hectare of paddy, maize or pearl millet. Green manuring may be practiced under special circumstances e. g. to reclaim alkali soils. Green Manure 1. It is a quick growing crop, cultivated and ploughed under, to incorporate it into the soil. 2. It provides organic matter as well as additional nitrogen, particularly if it is a legume gram green manure Home Horse Gram (Dolichos Biflorus) 100 seeds. All categories. with both astringent and diuretic properties. Indicated for urinary tract sisorders. Also it makes good green manure. It is in flower from July to September, and the seeds ripen from August to October. Horse Gram (Dolichos Biflorus) 30 seeds. 1. 80. Add to Cart. Add to

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Horse gram is an important crop of south India. Its grain is used for human consumption as dal as well as in preparation of so called rasam and also as a concentrated feed for cattle. It may also be used as green manure. This crop is generally grown when the cultivator is unable to sow any other crop for want of timely rains and also horse gram green manure Manures and Fertilizers in Horse Gram Farming: 5 to 6 tonnes of well rotten farm yard manure or compost should be added along with basal application of 20 to 22 kg of urea& 60 to 65 kg of super phosphate per acre land. Irrigation in Horse Gram Farming: To produce a quality seeds, horse gram field must be monitored regularly for any water stress or drought conditions. Green manure crops or legumes like cow pea, horse gram and green gram improves precipitationuse efficiency during offseason. Cow Pea is Lobia. Lobia as a green manure puts in nitrogen, builds organic matter, smothers weeds and controls nematodes. Pigeon Pea (TurArhar) is also extensively used as green manure. The correct option is B. Some common grain legumes such as cowpea, lupin and horse gram are also widely used as green manures. To make the green manuring more economical and affordable, it is also beingrecommended to grow legumes such as cowpea, French beans and ricebeans and incorporate them after collecting the two harvest of greenpods for vegetable purposes. Horse Gram is sown as a green manure or cover crop. As a legume, it fixes atmospheric nitrogen in a form usable by plants, therefore reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer. The protein content of the seeds in the redseeded variety is as high as 25 and 18 in the foliage of mature plants. The seeds are used for their medicinal properties as