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The bike. The SM gets some muchneeded help in the braking department. The DRZ400S has a single 250 mm front disc and a single 220 mm rear, which do a decent job for offroad duties, but are downright terrifying on the street. The SM gets a 300 mm disc with a twopiston caliper atDec 28, 2008 2005 DRZ 400 SM. This is the Sisneros Speed Works development bike. this is the bike we use to test a develop new mods. owned by Jonathan Fisher. drz400sm stock horsepower

Sep 21, 2018 We didn't have a stock exhaust system to do base runs with, so I pulled some info published by Motorcyclist Magazine for a stock DRZ400SM. Here are some actual numbers comparing a stock DRZ400SM to our DRZ400SM Project Bike after it was dyno tuned Stock 2008 Suzuki DRZ400SM (According to Motorcyclist Magazine) Max horsepower: 32. 5 bhp @ 7850 rpm

Apr 28, 2010  Even with 1447 trail gearing my DRZ400S could roll along the highway at 65 mph all day, if I wanted it to. With the stock gearing it'll blow right past a DR650 or a KLR650. Why do you think they chose the DRZ400S for the base on whcih to build the DRZ400SM, and MCN Review. The DR400S motor was, and its no slouch either. With a bore of stroke of 90mm x 62. 6mm, it will rev much higher than larger displacement singles, hitting the rev limiter at 9750 rpm. Remember that an engines rev range is an underappreciated measure of its true performance.drz400sm stock horsepower Engine 4stroke, liquidcooled, DOHC, 16valve, 4cylinder Transmission 6Speed constant mesh Displacement 1340 CC Wet Weight 266 KG

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(click photo to enlarge) Home Dual Sport Suzuki DRZ400SMS Parts Dynojet Jet Kit The Suzuki DRZ400SSM comes from the factory tuned for fuel mileage and emissions, not performance. This causes the bike to feel a little anemic in stock form. When adding an aftermarket exhaust system and hi flow air filter, jetting your carburetor is a must. drz400sm stock horsepower Jul 20, 2016  Visit the Ultimate MotorCycling Motorcycle Review Page. Lets start with the engine. The Suzuki DRZ400SM makes use of a 398cc, 4stroke, liquidcooled, single cylinder, DOHC, fivespeed powerplant that produces around 33 horsepower and about 25 ftlbs of torque. If you are looking for blazing speed, you wont find it here. The Suzuki DRZ400SM is a street legal bike for serious dirt bike enthusiasts on pavement roads. It's not uncommon to take the SuperMoto down twisty forest trails as well as tight canyon corners. Its 398cc liquidcooled, fourstroke engine provides strong lowrpm torque and crisp throttle response for any of these occasions. The key difference from the DRZ400SM and the DRZ400S are the Sep 11, 2016 Bone stock 2017 DRZ400 sm Supermoto, Top Speed Test Run. Patreon: Follow me on Social Media: Jul 04, 2006  For exceptional performance on the street, the DRZ400SM offers remarkably smooth performance, along with a rush of torque across the powerband. For crisp handling, it