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Oct 30, 2011  Horse chestnut is soft and turns or carves easily but a bit like hazel it always seems to look a bit flat and drab compared to say sycamore which has a natural shine. I would use it only if I didn't have other more preferable timbers. So I wouldn't hesitate collecting and using this wood in the workRot Resistance: Rated as very durable, though many trees killed by the chestnut blight of the early 1900s were left standing and eventually were damaged by insects. Workability: Overall easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Chestnut splits easily, so care must be taken in nailing and screwing the wood. working with horse chestnut wood

Due to its coarseness, chestnut does not turn as well as oak. However, it works easily with other hand and power tools. Lumber from downed wood tends to be brittle, so, use fasteners and glue. You can sand chestnut glasssmooth without difficulty, and the wood responds well to any finish.

Horse chestnut tree appearance wood uses and lumber. Horse chestnut trees are very common throughout Europe and also seen in southern parts of Asia. This member of the chestnut trees is famous due to the big horse shaped leaves. The scientific name of the horse chestnut is aesculus hippocastanum and is part of the fagaceae family. Are you going to start Horse Chestnut Woodworking? In this case, here is a complete example of models of carpentry models and feasibility reports that can be used free of charge. Ok, so let's consider all the requirements to start a wood business.working with horse chestnut wood Aug 14, 2011  Average height and weight for the Japanese horse chestnut is 70 to 82 feet and 36 pounds per square foot. Specific gravity is 0. 59. European horse chestnuts can grow to

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Is horse chestnut wood ok to burn in a wood burner? I have found quite a good deal on a truckload of wood for my wood burner. It is horse chestnut, which is a hardwood but I have read some conflicting things online about how good it is as firewood. my boss has a framed copy in the work loo. About pine it says Logs of pine will working with horse chestnut wood Jan 08, 2016 Mix Lumber of horse chestnut 2 YouTube; Amazing Fastest Large Wood Sawmill Machines Working Extreme Fast Wood Cutting Machine Duration: 14: 32. Otiss Machines 20, 675 views. Apr 17, 2010 I will be cutting down a horse chestnut tree. I am wondering if anyone has ever used horse chestnut in a wood stove in their home. I don't need hot burning wood as the frontroom is small where i have the stove but I am worried about creosote and other problems associated with burning this wood. View the information of Vessel of horse chestnut wood. . Gallery Japan transmits Japans most beautiful 'traditional art crafts' to the rest of the world. Please check out excellent japanese traditional culture productionsphoto by living national treasures and artists. When in a growing stage, with very little sap wood, a chestnut tree contains more timber of a durable quality than an oak of the same dimensions. Young chestnut wood has proved more durable than oak for woodwork that has to be partly in the ground, such as stakes and fences.