What is a horse's normal temperature range

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Temperature. Exercise, stress or excitement will raise temperature as well. This is why its important to take your horses temperature many times and in many different situations so you will know what the norm is. Respiratory colds and infected cuts usually generate temperatures in the 3940C range.Sep 09, 2011  Normal temperature: F; C. Take your horses rectal temperature using a digital thermometer thats been dipped in a small amount of lubricant. what is a horse's normal temperature range

Normally, a horse's temperature will be between 99. 8 F and 101. 3 F. Keep in mind that the weather can affect temperature. In warm weather or during exercise,

Normal TPR Values. Normal pulse range: 28 to 45 beats (count the double 'lub dub' as one full beat) per minute. Normal respiration range: 8 to 20 breaths per minute. Normal temperature range for a horse: 98. 5F to 101F (36. 9C to 38. 3C) May 29, 2013  Abnormal Horse Temperatures. Subnormal Below the normal range, a cooling down of the entire body, between 3637C or 95. 599F. Generally, this is a result of anemia, blood loss, hypothermia, advanced toxemia. Moribund Excessively low temperature, less than 36C or 97. 5F. Indicates an imminent approach of death.what is a horse's normal temperature range Aug 22, 2011  Its essential that every horse owner know his or her horses normal, healthy resting temperature, heart rate, respiration (breathing) rate, and other vital signs and have trained the horse

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The normal rectal temperature of a horse is 99. 5 to 101. 5F (37. 5 to 38. 6C). Foals less than 1 month of age have a normal temperature of 100. 0 to 102. 0F (37. 7 to 38. 8C). Newborn foals can easily suffer from hypothermia (low body temperature), so if the foal's temperature is what is a horse's normal temperature range How can the answer be improved?