1983 mustang gt horsepower

2020-02-25 14:20

Dec 22, 2017  By 1983, though, the CamaroMustang performance race was on again. That rivalry was, like now, about more than just straightline speed, so Ford also retuned the 83 GT1983 is an eventful year. The Mustang can be purchased as a convertible for the first time since 1973 and four trim packages are available. The 5. 0 L V8 is one step closer to redefining the modern Pony Car while an EFI turbo option elicits praise from the media and pause from the public. 1983 mustang gt horsepower

1983 Mustang Specifications: 1983 GT 2 3: 1983 LX Convertible 2: 1983 LX: The Mustangs nose is revised to be elongated and smoother. Other alterations include improved taillights, a reverse hood scoop, and the addition of a convertible after it is introduced at the 1982 Chicago Auto Show. The GTs changes include a wide black hood

Ford folks must have been stung by roadtest carping, because the 1983 Ford Mustang GT received a number of changes that made it more competitive with the 1983 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird in the renewed pony car performance wars. All Ford (USA) Mustang 3rdgen. GT Hatchback versions offered for the year 1983 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars1983 mustang gt horsepower If you are looking for the correct 1983 Mustang specs, LMR has you covered! 1983 was an eventful year. Ford offered the Mustang in convertible for the first time since '73 and four trim packages became available! The 5. 0L was one step closer to redefining the modern Pony Car while and EFI turbo option became available as well.

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