How do you draw a horse head

2020-03-31 11:47

Step 9. Last step and you are done, unless you want to color in your horse. Draw the mane. Start by the ear and zigzag your way to the back. Also draw a bit of mane between the ears. All done! You have just learned how to draw a horse.StepbyStep Instructions for Drawing a Horse Head. Draw a circle at the middle left of the page. Add another but smaller circle below and to the left of the first circle. Draw a curve that connects the circles. Draw another connecting curve. Add a short curve to enhance the shape of the nose. Draw a short arc at the tip of the muzzle. how do you draw a horse head

Dec 09, 2014 Learn how to draw a simple horse's head with artist Harriet Muller. Please note this is a beginners' lesson. If you would like to draw something more realistic then please visit: https: youtu. be

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