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Dec 17, 2015  This post is about the daily care involved for my horses that I keep at my house. Im not a master at keeping horses; Im sure theres many different ways people keep their horses, and I thought it would be fun to comparecontrast. My morning routine is all about being quick, as I have to get to work.Apr 06, 2012 An Easy Equine Fitness Plan. Publish date: Apr 6, 2012 Updated on Mar 10, 2017. Question: I have to admit that I've struggled to keep my three horses fit because I must juggle the amount of time I can spend with each of them. I don't want any of us to get bored, and I know conditioning is more than just running them around the arena my horse routine

As many of you horse owners will know, horses live around a routine and for most it is the same day in and day out. . This does change however, when the weather changes! So here I bring to you my horses Winter routine, I hope you enjoy!

Aug 25, 2011 To answer the question in my thinking I do think horses like routine but imo having a strict one especially where feedinga feed is part of the routine can cause problems. I also imagine where confined horses run out of hayhaylage before feed time stress is a major factor apart from the physical problems of this long term. Mar 22, 2009 Daily horse routine help? hi im new to this and i have ansked this question three times, , one of which i got a reply which was a link but it wouldnt let me on it, the second time my question disapeared. . so i have to ask again! ! ! immy horse routine Jan 13, 2012 How to Condition Your Horse. A wellconditioned, welltuned horse is worth its weight in gold. Nobody likes to get on and ride for fifteen minutes, only to have their horse give out. Horses need to exercise in order to perform correctly

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Groundwork with horses consists of exercises that you do with your horse while you stay on the ground and lead the horse on a (rope) halter, cavesson or neckrope and a long lead rope. Groundwork is a very important part of the training of horses in the Horsefulness Training system. Many groundwork exercises exist and they can be divided into five main groups. my horse routine Horse Activities Horse Workouts For Health and Fitness Family: To keep your horse healthy and fit, as well as cooperative, you need to make sure to provide a regular daily exercise routine. Horse activities are important for mental stimulation and to keep your horse in shape. These can include both horseback riding, and horse training. Jul 23, 2010 Whats a good fitness routine for my horse? I have an 8 year old ex race horse, he has been out of work for a while due to an injury which he recovered from about 2 months ago and the horrid winter we had didn't help. His balance isn't very good at the minute and he keeps dropping his inside shoulder when I am schooling. Nov 03, 2017  The evenings are really exciting and busy at the barn. Our horses are ready to come in to the barn during the evening time, typically before the sun sets. When we pull into the barn, we see them eagerly waiting for us at the gate. 6 MustHave Barn Chores for Each Evening We like to Horse care takes time, and you should have a routine of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks to properly care for your horse. The best way to keep track of what must be done and scheduled is to keep a calendar. You will find that you will develop your own.