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30, 000 Horses Are Shipped From The U. S. To Canada To Be Killed Every Year. The complete indifference to the suffering of the animals is shocking. . Many Americans probably have no idea that over 100, 000 U. S. horses are sent to other countries each year just to be slaughtered.Jun 15, 2017 According to data from Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, the 6, 976 live horses shipped to Japan for slaughter in 2014 generated more than 18 million. Between 2012 and 2014, upwards of 40 million in Canadian dollars were seen from the export of more than 14, 000 horses. how many horse slaughter plants in canada

Overall, since the USDA began to record horse killings in 1985, a total of 3, 355, 057 horses, ranging from racetrack Thoroughbreds to the nearly extinct wild horse, have been slaughtered in the US alone, and nearly a million more American horses have been exported for slaughter to Canada and Mexico.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition We are a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose. Mar 06, 2014  Canada has one of the largest horse slaughter industries in the world, slaughtering between 70, 000 and 115, 000 horses every year for the last six years. But Lovell says most of those horses are contaminated with veterinary drugs, many of which are banned by Health Canadahow many horse slaughter plants in canada Jul 30, 2013 Animal advocates assert that neither the current regulations nor more refined regulations would be sufficient to ensure the welfare of horses sent to slaughter. These assertions, coupled with concerns of horsemeat contamination, result in the commitments of many to bring about a ban on the slaughter of horses in Canada.

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Horse Slaughter. Agriculture Canada reports that from January to September 2008, 84, 288 horses died in Canadian slaughterhouses 71 from the U. S. Horse meat from Canadian slaughter plants is exported across the world, with most going to parts of Europe and Asia. A small percentage remains in Canada for consumption in Quebec. how many horse slaughter plants in canada Apr 17, 2017  Canadas new policy regarding horses imported into the country for slaughter went into effect on March 31, and the change seems to have already had implications in the horse slaughter industry: Quebecs Les Viandes de la Petite Nation horse slaughter May 27, 2010  The Truth about Horse Slaughter in Canada While many of us call our Veterinarian to euthanize our horses, the horse processing plants in Canada do offer a viable alternative. We use our horses for very many diverse activities. Their life span can be a long one. While we respect each others right to use horses for recreation, business, or Apr 05, 2014 Rescue groups can offer safe haven to only 33, 000 horses. Longhaul trucks ferried 102, 554 horses to slaughter houses in Mexico last year and 39, 523 horses to facilities in Canada. In foreign slaughterhouses, horsemeat is processed and shipped to countries such as France, Belgium and Japan that consider it a delicacy. Jan 01, 2018 Rescue operations try to prevent shipment of horses to Canada, Mexico for slaughter. Since U. S. horse slaughter plants closed, a decade ago, the practice has moved to Canada, Mexico.