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Treating Infections, Injuries and Disease in a Horse's Eye. The globe of the horse's eye, the eyeball, is an extremely specialised structure, closely coordinated with the central nervous system. The tissues surrounding a horse or pony's eye, the eyelids and membranes, areJun 01, 2002  Horse corneas also might be more susceptible to fungal infection due to their large corneal surface areas (with more space available for infection and horse eyes infection

Mar 05, 2012  Eyeballing Conjunctivitis in Horses. Treatment for conjunctivitis is topical antibiotic eye ointment, which you can get from your veterinarian. If your horse has recurring eye infections, you may want to keep ointment on hand for use at the first signs of irritation. With threatment and removal of

Equine Eye Problems Conjunctivitis. If the eye (s) dont clear within a couple of days or worsen or you suspect something more serious, get your horse to the vet. It is common for a horse with a mild case of conjunctivitis to develop a secondary bacterial infection in the eye. Your vet will need to If your horse has an eye injury or infection: You should have salt or saline solution in your horse's first aid kit. Put a fly mask on the horse to keep flies off of the eye area. If possible keep your horse in subdued light such as its stall until the veterinarian eyes infection How can the answer be improved?

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Fungal Eye Infection in horses. He gets turnout for a couple of hours and so far is doing well. He is wearing an Equivisor which is harder plastic and he can't scratch or rub his eye which is how he ended up with the fungal infection after an eye surgery. It is definitely a long haul horse eyes infection Understanding Equine Vision and Eye Disease. equine eye disease, equine vision, lynne sandmeyer dvm, small animal clinical sciences wcvm, equine eye anatomy, equine corneal ulcer, equine conjunctival pedical graft, equine uveitis, equine iris, equien glaucoma, equine cataract, equine enucleation surgery, horse care In some cases, infection