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Cantering slowly is also part of the drill. This is often an unnatural thing for a horse to do, and the horse has to be willing to participate in order to make a good drill horse. Most of the women on the team have been riding drill for a number of years, so there are many mentors to help new members.CSHA DRILL TEAM COMPETITION at LOS ANGELES EQUESTRIAN CENTER Flags are required in accordance with CSHA drill team flag rules. The CA Coto Cup is contested under the current Drill Team rules of the California State Horsemens Association Teams may ride in only one division at horse drill team rules

District Rules: All districts will be required to have a copy of their District Rules on file with the State. This will be turned in with their registration. Purpose: Immediate resolutions of issues that concern disbursement of money and Code of Conduct infractions. They

active drill team will be allowed in the arena. No drill captain or any other person on or off a horse, will be allowed to stand or direct in the arena while the team is competing. 5. 3 No drill master or other team related person may direct a team actively competing from outside the arena. 2019 4H Horse Show Rules and Regulations. General Show Information Show Regulations and Code of Conduct Drill Team Score Sheet; Project Horse Eligibility Form NOTE: 2019 the Eligibility Form is 100 Online and must be completed by April 15th! ! !horse drill team rules Home Animal Programs Horse Program 4H Equine Show Rules 4H Equine Show Rules To view or print the complete rulebook (224) pages, use this link: 2019 Complete Rulebook

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Southeast Mounted Drill Team Association (SEMDTA) invites your team to compete in the 2019 Open National Competition! horse drill team rules BLACK JACK EQUESTRIAN DRILL TEAM 2009 TRAIL TRIALS RULES AND GUIDELINES including official scoresheet contact Cindy [email protected] net this association is not sponsoring rides in 2015. CALIFORNIA STATE HORSEMEN'S ASSOCIATION TRAIL TRIALS RULES can be located at www. trailtrials. com go to 2015 rules. Drill Team Rules Clinic will be available on the UHSAA Drill page at www. uhsaa. org. 4. AdheretoUHSAA Performances To maintain participant safety, coaches must adhere to UHSAA and NFHS Spirit Rules during all practices, performances and competitions. For UHSAA rules refer to the UHSAA Handbook and Drill Team section. KENTUCKY STATE 4H HORSE SHOW Mounted Drill Team Competition Summary Sheet Name of Drill Team County& District Head Coach's Name Individual 4H Drill Team Member's Name 4H'er's ParentGuardian Signature all TEAMS should submit 1 ENTRY CHECK. Please staple the entry check to The Western States Equestrian Drill Team Association. Competition General Rules. rider in to last rider out. allowed by the WSEDTA Show Committee in case of an accident. will be allowed to stand in the arena while the team is competing. allowed outside the arena. the arena. drill. (2) to