Copper weathervane horse

2020-02-25 15:46

The gleaming copper Good Directions Jumping Horse and Rider Weathervane Polished is polished to catch the sunlight and glimmer. This detailed weathervane boasts a horse and rider atop a classical arrow and directional markers. Its rooftop mount ensures this weathervane will catch everyone's eye.The horse weathervane purchase includes the figure, copper spacer balls, the directionals, rod and ring. The horse weathervane figure is made in the USA from 16 ounce copper, each piece is hammered and bent to form a unique piece of masterful copper weathervane art that will last for years to come. copper weathervane horse

The GEORGE M. PATCHEN Horse is a 42 x 24 full bodied horse. It is all pure copper, except the head and ears, which are bronze. The Patchen is hand hammered using an

This hand crafted pure copper horse weathervane offers ornate and intricate design. No detail was missed in this true to life gallpoing horse that will point to the direction of the winds on top of your home for generations to come. Express your passion for the Arabian horse, saddlebread, quarter and others by adorning your garden, home, or commercial structure with one of our unique horse weathervanes or wind vanes. We have over 30 different styles of horse weathervanes made of solid copper, steel or aluminum.copper weathervane horse Horse Weathervanescopper products, Weathervanes, Cupolas, Finals, even Products for your yard, Windspinners, Garden and Indoor Decor

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