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How can the answer be improved?Hunter conformation tends to appear more downhill that your typical dressage or jumper. A nice topline is essential. You want all the qualities that make horses good athletes sloped shoulder, short cannon bones, correct legs. conformation of a jumper horse

Apr 23, 2018 This excerpt from Sport Horse Conformation by Christian Schacht is reprinted with permission from Trafalgar Square Books In this excerpt from Sport Horse Conformation by veterinarian and German FNcertified breeding and horse management expert Christian Schacht, find out what to look for in a jumper prospect when it comes to frontend conformation.

Jul 01, 2009 Conformation Clinic: Choose the Handsome HunterJumper. The horse's stance, from the point of shoulder to the buttocks, should equal the distance from the height of the withers to the ground. For hunters, the emphasis should be a level topline, a wellsloped shoulder for fluid movement and ability to lift in the air, as well as quality and typiness. Horse Conformation& Points of the Horse. The conformation of your horse refers to the correctness of its bone structure, musculature and its body proportions in relation to each other. Undesirable horse conformation can limit your horses ability to perform specific tasks.conformation of a jumper horse Jun 09, 2008 Dressage versus jumper conformation. This way it is easy for them to get their knees up. The best jumpers usually have a long humerus. A long humerus generally means the horse will have a long stride and the ability to move the legs away from the rib cage, which helps make for a scopey jumper.

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Jul 07, 2004 A horse that has balanced conformationwith neck, back and hip of equal lengthwill generally be a good mover and that translates into good performance. A horse that exhibits correct conformation should be a natural athlete. An overabundance of muscling is the last thing I look for. Excessive bulk can cause soundness problems. conformation of a jumper horse May 08, 2011 Conformation by Discipline: Part I, The Jumper. This is because horses with an upright shoulder generally have a greater range of motion. The closer to horizontal the horse can get their scapula, the higher up they can get their knees. Which is important in jumpers, obviously. Feb 27, 2012 Question: Could you say something about horse size? All things being equal in terms of conformation and temperament, do you prefer one height over another? John: hands is ideal. Conformationally it makes the most sense because that is the size where you get enough leverage from length of the skeleton without overloading the skeleton with muscle to move the bone. Equine conformation. A horse with poor form for a Grand Prix show jumper could have excellent conformation for a World Champion cutting horse, or to be a champion draft horse. Every horse has good and bad points of its conformation and many horses (including Olympic caliber horses) excel even with conformation faults. Aug 07, 2010  Equine (Horse) ConformationPart 1. The relationship between head conformation and performance are not wellunderstood, and an appealing head may be more a matter of marketability than performance. Among mammals, morphology of the head often plays a