Example of gliding joint in human body

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How can the answer be improved?Ankle Joint. The ankle joint is the gliding joint where the tarsal bones of the foot and the two bones of the lower legthe tibia and the fibulameet. Additional gliding joints occur between the tarsal bones themselves, similar to the ones within the wrist. The tarsal bones include the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid, the navicular and the talus bones. example of gliding joint in human body

Feb 12, 2004 Skeleton Joints. Ball and socket joints, like your hip and shoulder joints, are the most mobile type of joint in the human body. They allow you to swing your arms and legs in many different directions. Ellipsoidal joints, such as the joint at the base of your index finger, allow bending and extending, rocking from side to side,

movable joints allow the body to make a wide range of movements4 types of movable joints are. hinge joint. ballandsocket joint. pivot joint. gliding joint Read More share: What are two examples of Oct 23, 2017  A gliding joint, also known as a plane joint or planar joint, is a common type of synovial joint formed between bones that meet at flat or nearly flat articular surfaces. Gliding joints allow the bones to glide past one another in any direction along the plane ofexample of gliding joint in human body Many of the joints present in the body are synovial joints. While muscle contractions enable the movements of these joints, ligaments help provide stability to these joints. These are further categorized into hinge joints, ball and socket joints, pivot joints, condyloid joints, saddle joints, and planegliding joints.

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Feb 10, 2012 Best Answer: Gliding joints (known also as plane joints). This type of joint features two bone plates that glide against one another. The joints in your ankles and wrists are gliding joints. (Holding your forearm steady while your hand points upward and then waving sidetoside with your hand is an example example of gliding joint in human body Some examples of a gliding joint are the joints located in the wrists, ankles and spine. Gliding joints, also called plane joints, connect two bone plates that glide past or against each other to facilitate movement. A hand waving from sidetoside is one example of the use of gliding joints. Continue Reading.