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Corolla Wild Horse Tours Along the northern stretches of the Outer Banks lives a relic of a time long since past on these barrier islands. With an ancestry tracing back to the very fist days of European exploration in North America, the legendary Corolla wild horses still roam our beaches, dune fields, and maritime forest as they have forBobs Corolla Wild Horse Tours, has been Corollas# 1 source for family fun since 1996. We offer different guided tours to see the Corolla Wild Horses. horse tour corolla

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Corolla Wild Horse Fund& Museum Corolla Wild Horse Fund is the official nonprofit protecting& preserving the Corolla Wild Horses of the Outer Banks Corolla Wild Horse Tours knowledgeable guides will ensure you and your family have a great wild horse tour! Along the way the guides will stop and point out interesting sites and local history and details of the Corolla Wild Horses tour corolla Corolla's Wild Horses. brought to you by: Corolla Wild Horse Tours generally last two hours, and explore the northern Outer Banks beaches from the outskirts of Corolla all the way to the Virginia State Line located on the very edge of the Currituck Beaches. Along the way, the tour may stray away from the oceanfront to wooded neighborhood or

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Wild Horse Adventure Tours. Wild Horse Adventure Tours has been voted the# 1 tour company in the USA by TripAdvisor. Feel the ocean breeze and taste the salty beach air as you cruise the Outer Banks beaches in our exclusive OPEN AIR, 13passenger Hummers with one of our seasoned guides in search of the Colonial Spanish Mustangs! With the added capabilities of horse tour corolla May 05, 2019 See Corolla's Wild Horses. Each tour is 2 hours in length covers 25 miles of beach driving, and comes with a money back guarantee. We are the closest company to the beach, and all guides are certified by the Corolla Horse Fund. Corolla Wild Horses. These wild horses roam freely in Corolla and are most commonly found in the fourwheeldrive areas of the beach. It is illegal to intentionally come within 50 feet of the horses, so that means no petting or feeding, but they can be appreciated from a distance on one of our wild horse tours. Corolla Outback Adventures is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience during your Corolla wild horse tour. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us or give us a call us at and we will be happy to answer them for you. . Corolla, NC See the NC state horse: The OBX Wild Spanish Mustang Horses Tour with us to find the Outer Banks Wild Corolla Spanish Mustang Horses and discover some of