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Human Environment Interaction. The Incas practiced terraced farming hundreds of years ago in Peru. Also, mining in Peru is very important to Peru's economy. Copper, silver, lead, and zinc are all elements mined in Peru. Petroleum and natural gas are producedHow can the answer be improved? human environment interaction in peru

Human envirnment interaction. Human Environment Interaction. It looks at relationship between people and their environment. This is a stilt house in Peru. Example: On how people adapt to the environment and change it. People have adapted to their enviroment by building their houses on stilts just in case of a flood.

Oct 16, 2009 Answers. Location Peru, a country in western South America. neighbors Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The capital of Peru is Lima. Humanenvironment interaction Logging and petroleum industry, Air and water pollution from large cities, Latin America. A HUMAN PERSPECTIVE High in the Andes Mountains, in what is presentday Peru, the ancient Inca needed fields in which to grow crops. By the 1200s, in the highlands around their capital of Cuzco and elsewhere, the Inca carved terraces out of the steep sides of the Andes Mountains.human environment interaction in peru Transcript of 5 themes of peru. HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION Humanenvironment interaction looks at the relationships between people and their environment; how people adapt to the environment and how they change it. In Peru the people helps the environment by cleaning in groups. They help Machu Picchu be cleaand alive.

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Water pollution. Water pollution sources in Peru include industrial waste, sewage and oil related waste. Peru has 1746 cu km of renewable water resources and 86 of this water is used for farming and 7 for industrial activity. In urban areas only 87 and in rural areas 62 of human environment interaction in peru Jul 26, 2018  HumanEnvironment Interaction in the Central Coast of Peru toward the end of the Early Intermediate Period (ca. AD ). A View from a Late Lima Culture Site. Participant: Ana Cecilia Mauricio Location: Lima, Peru Dates: JuneAugust 2010 Introduction Paleoenvironmental studies are critical not only for climatic and environmental reconstructions but also for assessing some of [ Organizations in Peru. Key environmental issues in Peru include: deforestation, desertification, soil erosion, air pollution in urban centers, pollution of rivers and coastal waters from municipal and mining wastes, depletion of fisheries as a result of overfishing.